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Pratt-N-Sons Roofing offers VELUX products, which includes skylight products and complementary accessories from installation to the finishing touches. Velux skylights has a wide variety of skylight models.  Making it easier to find the best skylight for your home! In addition to making a room look larger and increasing the amount of natural light that comes in, VELUX skylights can increase your homes value. Pratt-N-Sons Roofing can professionally install VELUX skylights, making your home more appealing to buyers with eco-friendly goals in mind, and looking for that abundance of natural light. One of the most frequently asked questions about VELUX is: Are they safe? The great thing about these skylights is that they are made of laminated glass, which prevents glass from falling into the home in the unfortunate case that it was to break. Velux also offers a “No Leak Skylight”, which comes with three layers of protection, including a pre-attached deck-mounted/pre-attached curb-mounted, both providing a seal between the frame and roof for leak-proof installation. Secondly there is an underlayment, which is an adhesive protection against harsh weather conditions. Lastly there is flashing, which allows an easy installation and even includes primary water protection. If you are wondering if VELUX skylights are right for your home, give us a call today and we can help!

velux skylights

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