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Pratt-N-Sons Roofing is Northern Nevada’s contractor for repairing, installing, and replacing roofs. Most residential re-roofing today is completed with asphalt composition shingles, the most popular of which are the dimensional or architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are the asphalt shingles creating an appearance of natural styled roofing, such as slate, cedar, concrete or clay tiles. Fiberglass shingles are the second most popular because of its woven, lightweight style. Pratt-N-Sons Roofing provides composite roofs to homeowners and general contractors because of its unique traits of how durable against moisture and how well the composite roofs age. Not only does composite roofing last a long time, they are also unique in the way it looks and is also lighter in weight than asphalt, making it easier to transport, deliver, and install.

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