Tile Roofing

Tile roofing comes in various colors and styles, designed to let the rain slide off without affecting your house and is typically made up of materials like terracotta, slate, concrete, or even plastic. Northern Nevada’s weather can sometimes be unpredictable, from hot to cold, and snow to sun, sometimes leading to unpredictable repairs. Deciding which type of roof is best for your home or business is the first step that Pratt-N-Sons Roofing can help you with. When choosing tile roofing, it’s important to know that this type of roof provides low-maintenance, long-lasting, sturdy, and safe results. Tile roofing passes a Class-A Fire rating, can withstand the Sierra Nevada’s high winds, as well as earthquakes and even hail storms. When our homeowners and general contractors choose Pratt-N-Son Roofing concrete tile roofing, we offer a 50-year limited lifetime warranty.


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